Welcome to IFA

Dear Colleagues,

Technology is often credited with making the world a smaller place by allowing instant connectivity across the globe, narrowing the gap between oceans. However, it can also increase the divide between people. How often do we SMS instead of calling or send emails instead of meeting face-to-face? To combat this electronic divide, the launch of IFA World uses technology to bring us together as cohesive members of the IFA group of companies.

As you explore the site, which I encourage you to do today, you will find content generated by us and content that will be generated by you. IFA World will be used to share interesting facts and our latest news; to help you identify who’s who and who’s new; to present employee-only offers across the group of companies; to share your events, social clubs, causes and opinions on the latest in print and film – and even help us all stay healthy with heart-smart tips.

Welcome to IFA World.

Talal Jassim Al Bahar